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All prices in UK Pounds.

All films are black & white standard 8 sound unless stated otherwise. All in very good condition.

DISTANT DRUMS Trailer 1X50 £7.99. Gary Cooper, Mari Aldon classic western trailer.

THE ENFORCER Parts 3 & 4 2X400 £12.99. Humphrey Bogart classic gangster movie. Last two parts of feature.

THE GLASS MOUNTAIN Parts 1 & 4 2X400 £12.99. Dulcie Gray, Michael Denison classic musical. Couple of parts from feature.

THE FLOWER DRUM SONG Parts 5 & 6 2X400 £12.99. Last two parts of the Rogers and Hammersteins musical.

STAGECOACH Part 1 1X400 £7.99. John Wayne classic western. First part of the 4 part feature.

THE CARIBOO TRAIL 1X200 £7.99. Randolph Scott classic 1950 western. Castle Films print.

THE CITY SLICKER (Silent) 1X200 £5.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

DO YOU LIKE SNOW (Colour) 1X200 £5.99. Winter sports from Castle films. Faded colour print.

COUNTY HOSPITAL 1X400 £12.99. Laurel and Hardy classic comedy. Original Walton Films box.

CHIMP THE COWBOY (Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Castle Films comedy short with monkeys.

JOY RIDERS 1X200 (Silent) £6.99. Mack Sennett classic comedy. Original box.

RIDE EM COWBOY 1X200 (Silent) £5.99. Abbott and Costello classic comedy. Original box.

ROBIN HOOD OF SHERWOOD 1X200 (Colour silent) £5.99. Walt Disney classic adventure. Original box.

CHRISTMAS CIRCUS (Colour) 1X200 £6.99. Ginger Nutt's classic cartoon. Fair colour print.

THE PLATYPUS (Colour) 1X200 £6.99. Ginger Nutt's classic cartoon. Fair colour print.

ITS A LOVELY DAY (Colour) 1X200 £6.99. Ginger Nutt's classic cartoon. Fair colour print.

APOLLO 11 1X200 £7.99. Movietone covers the first man on the moon. Fair colour. Original Walton Films box.

EASY STREET 1X200 (Silent) £3.99. Charlie Chaplin classic. Front credits missing otherwise a very good print. Original Walton Films box.

WICKY WACKY (Silent) 1X200 £3.99. Woody Woodpecker cartoon from Castle Films.

THE EARLY BIRD AND THE WORM (Silent) 1X200 £3.99. Rudolf Ising vintage cartoon.

DAFFY DUCK AND THE DINOSAUR (Silent) 1X200 £3.99. Warner Bros classic cartoon.

RUNNAWAY CHOO CHOO (Silent) 1X200 £3.99. Walter Lantz classic cartoon.

TARZAN'S HIDDEN JUNGLE (Silent) 1X200 £3.99. Classic Jungle adventure.

ALASKA SWEEPSTAKES (Silent) £3.99. Oswald Rabbit classic cartoon.

CRIME BUSTER (Silent) 1X200 £3.99. Willie Mouse classic cartoon.

JABS AND JOLTS (Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Boxing and wrestling thrills from Castle Films.

COPS (Silent) 1X400 £8.99. Buster Keaton classic comedy.

THE CURE (Silent) 1X400 £9.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy. Blackhawk print.

HIS MARRIAGE WOW (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Harry Langdon classic comedy. Original Collectors Club box.

GOOD OLD CORN (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Warner Bros short compilation of old Mack Sennett comedies.

ONE GOOD TURN (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

THE IRON MULE (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Al St John classic comedy. Original box.

WHISPERING WHISKERS (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde star in the Mack Sennett classic comedy.

SUPER HOOPER DYNE LIZZIES (Silent) 2X200 £10.99. Mack Sennett classic comedy. Original Collectors Club boxes.

CRAZY TO ACT (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Oliver Hardy classic Mack Sennett comedy.

HOG WILD (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Laurel and Hardy classic comedy.

STEPPING ON THE GAS (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Keystone Cops classic comedy. Original Collectors Club box.

MOVIE MILESTONES NO.1 (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Memorable scenes from classic films.

ZOO IS COMPANY (Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Hanna Barbara cartoon with Loopy De Loop.

ISLAND OF MYSTERY (Colour) 1X200 £5.99. Extract from Walt Disneys Swiss Family Robinson. Fair colour.

PALS ADVENTURE 1X200 £7.99. Ted Donaldson and Flame the dog adventure.

AUBREYS LUNCH STAND (Silent) 1X150 £4.99. Chuckleheads vintage comedy. Original box.

BUMPS IN THE NIGHT (Silent) 1X200 £6.99. Harold Lloyd vintage comedy.

SPORT THRILLS OF THE YEAR (Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Castle Films sporting film highlights. Original box.

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