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 Camberwick Green by Robert Harrop: 

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         9.5MM FILMS

A HOCKEY HICK 1X300 (B/W Sound) £34.99. 1932 comedy short with James Gleason, Eugene Pallette.

THE TIMID GHOST 1X300 (B/W Sound) £34.99. 1937 classic comedy with Charles Kemper.

WRECKETY WRECKS 1X800 (B/W Sound) £39.99. 1933 classic Taxi Boys comedy.

THE CORONATION OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II 1X800 (B/W Sound) £29.99. The famous Royal Coronation.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE PYRENEES 1X700 (B/W Sound) £29.99. Vintage documentary.

THE WHITE HELL OF PITZ PALU 4X300 (B/W Silent) £59.99.
Gustav Diessl, Leni Riefenstahl 1929 classic action adventure.

APE-Y-DAYS 2X300 (B/W Silent) £19.99. Humorous animal documentary with Cherry Kearton.

THE INFORMER 3X300 (B/W Silent) £44.99. Lars Hanson, Lya de Putti 1929 classic crime drama.

IN SEARCH OF ADVENTURE 1X900 (B/W Silent) £29.99. The 15,000 mile expedition from Mexico City to Borneo.

DRAMA ON THE MATTERHORN 1X900 (B/W Silent) £29.99.
1928 classic drama with Luis Trenker..

JEALOUSY IN THE CIRCUS 2X300 (B/W Silent) £19.99. Classic vintage dramatic comedy.

ROBINSON CRUSEO 1X1000 (B/W Silent) £39.99. Classic vintage drama.

BLACKMAIL 1X800 (B/W Silent) £29.99. Classic vintage 1920 drama.

VACANT POSSESSION 1X800 (B/W Silent) £24.99. Laurel and Hardy classic comedy.

THE PERFECT LADY 1X800 £24.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

CHRISTUS 1X900 (B/W Silent) £24.99. 1916 vintage drama about the life of Christ.

THE WHITE FLAME 1X900 (B/W Silent) £34.99. 1931 vintage film of skiing the German Alps.

THE BLACK FOREST & LAKE CONSTANCE 1X800 (B/W Silent) £29.99. Vintage travelogue on Germany.

SPOOKS SHIPS 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Laurel and Hardy classic comedy.

NORWAY AND SWEDEN 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage travelogue of these Scandinavian countries.

CHARLIE ON THE BOARDS 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

WALTER MAKES A MOVIE 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Walter Forde, Pauline Peters 1922 vintage comedy.

HURRAH FOR THE HOLIDAYS 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Our Gang vintage comedy.

ROLLING AROUND 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

PIRATES 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage comedy.

FELIX IN OUTERSPACE 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Felix the Cat classic cartoon.

MINE OWN ROMANTIC TOWN 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage travelogue of Scotland.

SNUB THE OIL MAGNATE 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Classic vintage comedy.

MORNING NOON AND NIGHT 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Betty Boop classic cartoon.

FOR BETTER OF WORSER 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Popeye vintage classic cartoon.

FULL STEAM AHEAD 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage comedy involving trains.

CONJUROR JAMES 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage comedy farce.

WAR'S DECLARED 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Mickey Mouse vintage cartoon.

GHOST PIMPLES 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage classic comedy.

BOYS WILL BE BOYS 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage comedy with Laurel and Hardy.

CRAZY VILLA 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage classic comedy.

TALLY-HO BONZO 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Vintage classic cartoon.

EASY STREET 1X300 (B/W Silent) £14.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

COMING HOME LATE 1X150 (B/W Silent) £9.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

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