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SWEETHEARTS 1X70 £11.99. Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy musical.

THE VIRGIN AND THE GYPSY 1X50 £11.99. Franco Nero 1970 drama.

CLEOPATRA 1X100 £11.99. Elizabeth Taylor classic. Fair colour.

SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS 1X100 £11.99. Howard Keel classic musical. Fair colour.

EASTER PARADE 1X50 £11.99. Judy Garland, Fred Astaire classic MGM musical.

THOUSANDS CHEER 1X100 £11.99. Musical classic. Derann Agfa polyester print.

THE ARISTOCATS 1X50 £11.99. Walt Disney classic. Very good colour.

SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS 1X50 £14.99. The very first original trailer. Excellent Derann polyester colour print.

THE KING AND I 1X50 £12.99. Yul Brynner classic musical.

TREASURE ISLAND 1X50 £13.99. Orson Welles classic. Fair/good colour print.

THE HUMAN FACTOR 1X50 £9.99. George Kennedy, John Mills thriller. Fair colour print.

DIAMOND HORSESHOE 1X60 £12.99. Betty Grable, Dick Haymes 1945 classic musical. Excellent Lpp polyester colour print.

ICELAND (B/W) 1X50 £8.99. Sonja Henie, John Payne  1942 classic romantic musical

GHOST RIDERS OF THE WEST (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Robert Kent 1946 classic serial trailer.

DON DAREDEVIL RIDES AGAIN (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Ken Curtis 1951 classic serial trailer.

Clayton Moore 1948 classic serial trailer.

MAN WITH THE STEEL WHIP (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Dick Simmons 1954 classic serial trailer.

MARK OF ZORRO (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Tyrone Power 1940 classic action adventure.

KING OF THE TEXAS RANGERS (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Sammy Baugh 1941 classic serial trailer.

ZORRO'S FIGHTING LEGION (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Reed Hadley 1939 classic serial trailer.

THE PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Dennis Moore 1945 classic serial trailer.

MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR SATAN (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Robert Wilcox 1940 classic serial trailer.

FEDERAL OPERATOR 99 (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Marten Lamont 1945 classic serial trailer.

FEDERAL AGENTS Vs UNDERWORLD INC. (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Kirk Alyn 1949 classic serial trailer.

MANHUNT OF MYSTERY ISLAND (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Richard Bailey 1945 classic serial trailer.

RETURN OF CAPTAIN AMERICA (B/W) 1X50 £9.99. Dick Purcell 1944 classic serial trailer.

20,000 YEARS IN SING SING (B/W) 1X50 £12.99. Spencer Tracy, Bette Daviis 1932 classic crime drama.

FOX LOGO (Scope) 1X30 £8.99. 20th Century Fox Cinemascope logo. Excellent polyester Lpp colour print.

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