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WHEN MY BABY SMILES AT ME 1X70 £14.99. Betty Grable, Dan Dailey classic musical. Excellent polyester Lpp colour print.

FOX LOGO (Scope) 1X30 £8.99. 20th Century Fox Cinemascope logo. Excellent polyester Lpp colour print.

THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES (Scope) 1X60 £12.99. All star cast classic comedy. Fair/good colour.

HELLO DOLLY (Scope) 1X60 £11.99. Barbara Streisand, Walter Matthau classic musical. Fair colour.

KELLY'S HEROES and THE RAVEN (Scope) 1X100 £16.99. Clint Eastwood action packed war movie and classic horror with Vincent Price. Derann print with fair good colour in excellent condition.

CAROUSEL SCOPE 55 (Scope)1X150 £14.99. Trailer for Rodgers and Hammersteins classic musical. Also a look at the new cinemascope 55 widescreen format. Fair/good colour.

CLEOPATRA (Scope) 1X150 £14.99. Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton historical epic. Very long trailer. Derann print with fair colour.

SOUTH PACIFIC 1X60 £8.99. Rodgers and Hammerstein classic musical. Fair/god colour.

OKLAHOMA 1X60 £8.99. Rodgers and Hammerstein classic musical. Fair/god colour.

GUNS FOR SAN SEBASTIAN and DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (Scope) 1X200 £19.99. MGM classic double bill. Cineavison print with good colour.

SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN (Scope) 1X120 £14,99. Anthony Quinn, Laurence Olivier star in this historic drama. Cineavison print with very good colour.

CLEOPATRA (B/W) 1X150 £12.99. Claudette Colbert stars in this 1934 Cecil B Demille classic. Long trailer. Original box.

STAGE DOOR CANTEEN (B/W) 1X60 £11.99. Ray Bolger, Gracie Fields classic 1943 musical.

GONE WITH THE WIND 1X50 £9.99. Trailer for the stereophonic sound widescreen  re-release version. Different to above. Clark Gable 1939 MGM classic.

OKLAHOMA & SOUTH PACIFIC 1X100 £11.99. Rodgers & Hammerstein classic musical double bill. Good colour.

ONE AWAY 1X50 £9.99. Bradford Dillman, Elke Sommer 1976 crime thriller. Very good colour.

CONEY ISLAND 1X50 £7.99. Betty Grable, George Montgomery classic musical. Faded/fair colour print.

THE GANGS ALL HERE 1X50 £7.99. Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda classic musical. Faded/fair colour print.

SON OF CAPTAIN BLOOD 1X500 £8.99. Sean Flynn stars in this 1962 classic swashbuckler. Fair colour.

THE SPANISH MAIN 1X50 £7.99. Paul Henreid, Maureen O'Hara classic romantic adventure. Faded colour print.

ATTILA THE HUN 1X50 £8.99. Anthony Quinn historical action adventure. Faded/fair colour print.

TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE 1X50 £9.99. Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurray classic 1936 romantic drama.

CRIME SCHOOL (B/W) 1X75 £9.99. Humphrey Bogart stars in this classic 1938 gangster movie.

RETURN OF CAPTAIN MARVEL (B/W) 1X50 £8.99. The classic 1941 serial with Tom Tyler.

ICELAND (B/W) 1X50 £8.99. Sonja Henie stars in this 1942 classic musical. Excellent polyester print.

PM TRAILER REEL No.1 1X200 £14.99. Swallows and Amazons, Tales of Beatrix Potter and Up Pompeii. Original box.

THE EMPEROR WALTZ 1X50 £9.99. Bing Crosby, Joan Fontaine classic musical comedy. Excellent Kodak Lpp polyester print.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN 1X50 £8.99. Elizabeth II and the National Anthem. Excellent colour.

WORDS & MUSIC and OKLAHOMA 1X200 £8.99. Musical double bill. Fair colour.

HUGO THE HIPPO 1X60 £8.99. Jimmy and Marie Osmond animated cartoon. Excellent Agfa colour print.

THE CRUSADES (B/W) 1X50 £7.99. 1935 classic with Loretta Young.

THE CINDERELLA STORY 1X600 £16.99. Behind the scenes promo of the making of The Slipper and the Rose.

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