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 Super 8mm Films Features: Below is a list of the Super 8mm Features, listed alphabetically.

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      Super 8 Features & Featurettes

All films in very good condition.

All prices in UK Pounds.

THE DIAMOND MERCENARIES 5X400 £69.99. Telly Savalas, Peter Fonda star in this action packed crime adventure. Fair/good colour. Original Iver Films cases.

CHARLEY 5X400 £69.99. Cliff Robertson, Claire Bloom moving drama. Good colour. Original label.

FOR LOVE OF IVY 5X400 £69.99. Sidney Poitier, Beau Bridges drama. Good colour. Original ABC Films box.

GASBAGS 4X400 £69.99. The Crazy gang invade Nazi Germany !! They accidentally pilot a balloon over enemy territory. 1941 classic British comedy. Rare full length feature from DCR.

TEX RIDES WITH THE BOY SCOUTS (B/W) 2X400 £14.99. Tex Ritter classic 1937 western. Two very full reels but no end credits.

THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF ZORRO 4X400 £39.99. Douglas Frey stars in this sexy erotic comedy. Original Derann box.

NATIONAL LAMPOON ANIMAL HOUSE 2X400 £34.99. John Belushi stars in this hilarious comedy. Original Universal boxes.

SLAP SHOT 1X600 £29.99. Paul Newman stars in this hilarious ice hockey comedy. Both parts spliced together.

SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 1X600 £29.99. Burt Reynolds action packed comedy. Both parts spliced together. Original label.

BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY 1X600 £29.99. Gil Gerard stars in this classic Universal sci fi. Original label.

MAGNIFICENT DOLL (B/W) 1X600 £24.99. Ginger Rogers, David Niven historic drama.

TALES OF BEATRIX POTTER 4X400 was £59.99 now £39.99. Family musical fantasy with the dancers of the Royal Ballet. Original case.

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