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NATIONAL LAMPOON ANIMAL HOUSE 1X400 £13.99.  John Belushi hilarious comedy. Good colour. Original Universal case.

WITCHFINDER GENERAL : SAVAGE JUSTICE 1X200 £13.99.  Vincent Price horror. Excellent Agfa colour print. Original Walton Films box.

WHEN EIGHT BELLS TOLL 1X400 £14.99. Anthony Hopkins stars in the Alistair Maclean thriller. Original label.

THE FLOWER DRUM SONG 1X400 £8.99.  Rodgers and Hammersteins classic musical with Nancy Kwan. Original case.

EASTER PARADE 1X200 £9.99.  Judy Garland, Fred Astaire MGM classic musical. Good colour. Original label.

THE TALL MEN 1X200 £9.99. Clark Gable classic western. Good colour. Original box.

BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID 1X200 £9.99. Robert Redford, Paul Newman classic western. Good colour. Original label.

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE 1X200 £9.99.  Gene Hackman, Earnest Borgnine disaster movie. Original label.

CHAMPS OF THE CHASE (B/W) 1X200 £12..99. Abbott and Costello classic comedy from High Society. Original label.

THERES NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS 1X200 £9.99. Marilyn Monroe classic musical. Good colour. Original box.

CAROUSEL 1X200 £9.99. Shirley Jones classic musical. Good colour. Original box.

SKYRIDERS 1X200 £9.99.  James Coburn acion adventure. Good colour. Original label.

THE SAND PEBBLES 1X200 £9.99. Steve McQueen  World War II classic. Original label.

THE FRENCH CONNECTION 1X200 £9.99.  Gene Hackman classic thriller. Good colour. Original label.

DILLINGER 1X200 £9.99. Warren Oates gangster classic. Good colour. Original box.

CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee horror. Original Walton Films label.

THE WOLFMANS CURE (B/W) 1X200 £14.99. Lon Chaney Jr Universal horror classic. Original label.

100 RIFLES 1X200 £9.99.  Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch classic western. Fair colour. Original label.

THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX 1X200 £9.99. James Stewart classic. Original box.

THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES 1X200 £9.99.  All star cast classic comedy. Original label. Fair/good colour.

SILVER DREAM RACER 1X400 £19.99. David Essex, Beau Bridges motorbike racing drama. Very good colour print. Original Walton Films box.

COFFY 1X400 £19.99. Pam Grier stars in this violent 70's thriller. Very good colour. Original box.

REIGN OF TERROR (B/W) 1X400 £15.99.  Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart 1949 historical  thriller.

THE DON IS DEAD 1X400 £14.99. Anthony Quinn violent gangster thriller. Good colour. Original Universal case.

THE DEFIANT VIRGINIAN (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. James Stewart classic western. Original Universal case.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS 1X200 £9.99.  Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch swashbuckler. Original label.

VON RYANS EXPRESS 1X200 £9.99. Frank  Sinatra classic World War II movie. Original label.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC 1X200 £9.99. Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer classic musical.

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY 1X200 £9.99. Marlon Brandon, Trevor Howard MGM classic. Good colour. Original label.

MADIGAN 1X400 £14.99. Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda  detective thriller. Good colour. Original case.

A FAREWELL TO ARMS 1X400 £14.99. Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jones wartime romantic drama. Good colour. Original box.

DEATH RIDES THE RANGE 1X400 £15.99. Ken Maynard classic western. Original Derann box.

WHITE LINE FEVER 1X400 £14.99. Jan Michael Vincent action thriller. Good colour. Original Columbia label.

JESSE JAMES 1X400 £14.99. Tyrone Power classic western. Good colour. Original label.

GETTING STRAIGHT 1X400 £14.99. Elliott Gould, Candice Bergen comedy drama. Very good colour. Original box.

CAT BALLOU 1X400 £12.99.  Lee Marvin comedy western. Original Columbia Films label.

LOVE HAPPY 1X400 (B/W) £14.99. The Marx Brothers classic comedy. Original box.

THE DIRTY DOZEN 1X400 £14.99. Lee Marvin, Telly Savalas, Charles Bronson World Wat II classic. Good colour. Original case.

SHAMUS 1X400 £9.99. Burt Reynolds action thriller. English sound with Dutch subtitles. Original label.

PROPHECY 1X400 £16.99. Talia Shire, Robert Foxworth horror thriller. Excellent colour. Original Marketing Films box.

INTERNATIONAL VELVET 1X400 £12.99. Tatum O'Neal, Christopher Plummer family drama. Good colour. Original case.

AIRPORT 1X400 £16.99. Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster disaster movie. Very good colour. Original Universal case.

GREAT MOMENTS FROM PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (B/W) 1X300 £14.99. 1925 classic Lon Chaney version. Original Blackhawk box.

EVEL KNIEVEL 1X400 £16.99. George Hamilton stars as the motorbike stuntman. Original box.

WHERE JESUS WALKED 1X400 £19.99. Columbia Films religious documentary. Very good colour. Original box.

THE SILENCERS 1X400 £15.99. Dean Martin classic. Original label.

DESTINATION INNER SPACE 1X400 £14.99.  Sci fi classic. Faded/fair colour. Original box.

THE NEW CENTURIONS 1X400 £14.99. George C Scott, Stacy Keach thriller. Original box.

RUN OF THE ARROW (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Rod Steiger, Charles Bronson classic western. Original case.

CLASH OF THE TITANS Part 3 1X400 £14.99. Ray Harryhausen classic fantasy adventure. Very good colour. Last part of three parter. Orignal case.

THE UNCANNY 1X400 £29.99.  Donald Pleasence, Peter Cushing horror classic. Fuji print with fair/good colour. Original Derann case.

THE MAGIC OF LASSIE 1X400 £19.99.  James Stewart, Mickey Rooney family drama. Excellent colour. Original Derann case.

DAMIEN OMEN II 1X400 £19.99. William Holden horror sequel. Good colour. Original case.

CRAIG'S WIFE (B/W) 1X400 £13.99. Rosalind Russell classic drama. Original box.

MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (B/W) 1X400 £14.99.  James Stewart Columbia classic. Original box.

THE CHASE 1X400 £13.99. Robert Redford, Marlon Brando thriller. Original Columbia box.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Part 2 1X400 £9.99.  Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner  biblical epic. Part two of the three parter. Original case.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE WILDERNESS FAMILY 1X400 £14.99. Robert F Logan outdoor family adventure.

EARTHQUAKE 1X400 £12.99. Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner disaster movie

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY 1X400 £12.99. Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard classic adventure. Fair colour.

THE SEA RIVALS (B/W) 1X200 £8.99. Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn classic adventure. Original Universal case.

HELLFIGHTERS (B/W) 1X200 £8.99. John Wayne classic action adventure. Original Universal case.

THE WIZARD OF OZ 1X200 £9.99. Judy Garland all time musical fantasy classic. Original box. 

TOP HAT (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers musical classic.

SNOW WHITE : THE APPLE (B/W Silent) 1X200 £7.99.  Columbia Films live action version. Original box.

SHOWBOAT 1X400 £14.99. Howard Keel, Kathryn Grayson classic MGM musical. Original case.

THE DON IS DEAD 1X400 £13.99. Anthony Quinn gangster classic. Original case.

BRIANS SONG 1X400 £13.99. James Caan sporting drama. Original case.

DILLINGER 1X400 £13.99.  Warren Oates, Ben Johnson gangster classic. Original box.

THE STING 1X400 £11.99. Paul Newman, Robert Redford classic crime comedy. Original Universal case.

A GATHERING OF EAGLES (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Rod Taylor, Barry Sullivan war movie classic. Rare print.

PATTON 1X200 £9.99. George C Scott World War II classic. Original box.

CAN CAN 1X200 £9.99. Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine classic musical. Original box.

KING SOLOMONS MINES 1X200 £8.99.  Deborah Kerr, Stewart Granger classic adventure. Original label.

VIVA ZAPATA (B/W) 1X200 £8.99. Marlon Brando classic western. Original box.

THE SPOILERS (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. John Wayne classic western.  Original Universal case.

THE PIRATES HAVEN (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Doug McLure, Jill St John classic adventure. Original Universal case.

THE BLUE MAX 1X200 £9.99. James Mason, George Peppard classic. Good colour. Original box.

MASTER OF THE WORLD 1X200 £12.99. Vincent Price classic. Good colour. Original label.

ONE MILLION BC (B/W) 1X200 £14.99. Victor Mature prehistoric classic. Original Universal Films box.

BATTLE OF THE GIANTS (B/W) 1X200 £14.99.  Victor Mature prehistoric classic. More edited highlights from One Million BC. Original Universal Films box.

DR X (B/W Silent) 1X200 £7.99. Vintage horror in original United Artists box.

HIGHER AND HIGHER (B/W) 1X400 £12.99. Frank Sinatra, Jack Haley music drama.

I'M NO ANGEL (B/W) 1X400 £13.99. Cary Grant, Mae West star in this Universal classic. Original case.

THE GODDESS (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges 1958 classic drama.

LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING 1X400 £9.99. William Holden, Jennifer Jones classic romantic drama. Original box.

THE BLACK HOLE 1X400 £12.99. Walt Disney sci fi blockbuster with Anthony Perkins.

DEATH RIDES THE RANGE (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Ken Maynard classic 1939 western.

FLAMING LEAD (B/W) 1X400 £6.99. Ken Maynard classic western. Some scratches. Original Walton Films box.

THE LONGEST YARD 1X200 £9.99. Burt Reynolds, Eddie Albert comedy crime drama.

FOR MEN ONLY (B/W Silent) 1X300 £9.99. Pete Walker directed this 60's glamour type film with David Kernan.

THE ST VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE 1X200 £8.99. Jason Robards, George Segal gangster classic.

HENNESSY 1X200 £8.99. Rod Steiger, Lee Remick  action thriller.

KING SOLOMONS MINES 1X200 £8.99. Deborah Kerr, Stewart Granger adventure classic.

THE BLACK WIDOW (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. 1931 murder mystery with William J Burns. rare print.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (B/W Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Cecil B Demille classic in original box.

THE CRUSADES (B/W Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Cecil B Demille classic in original Castle Films box.

BORN FREE 1X200 £8.99. Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers classic adventure. Original box.

SWASHBUCKLER (Scope) 1X400 £14.99. Robert Shaw stars in this pirate adventure. Cineavision print.

INTERNATIONAL VELVET 1X400 £11.99. Tatum O'Neal, Christopher Plummer star in this classic horse drama.

GOLDEN BOY (B/W) 1X400 £7.99. William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck classic Columbia drama. Front credits missing otherwise complete. Original label.

THE JOLSON STORY 1X400 £12.99. Larry Parks stars as the worlds greatest entertainer Al Jolson. Original Columbia box.

WHAT INDIANS (B/W) 1X200 £9.99.  Dean Martin stars in this classic western "Texas Across The River". Castle films.

WE'VE GOT A SHOW (Scope) 1X200 £12.99. Extract from "The Young Ones" with Cliff Richard.

CAROUSEL 1X200 £7.99. Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones classic musical. Original box.

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