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          Super 8mm Cut Downs

All prices in UK Pounds.

NATIONAL LAMPOON ANIMAL HOUSE 1X400 £13.99.  John Belushi hilarious comedy. Good colour. Original Universal case.

REIGN OF TERROR (B/W) 1X400 £15.99.  Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart 1949 historical  thriller.

THE DON IS DEAD 1X400 £14.99. Anthony Quinn violent gangster thriller. Good colour. Original Universal case.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC 1X200 £9.99. Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer classic musical.

GETTING STRAIGHT 1X400 £14.99. Elliott Gould, Candice Bergen comedy drama. Very good colour. Original box.

CRAIG'S WIFE (B/W) 1X400 £13.99. Rosalind Russell classic drama. Original box.

TOP HAT (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers musical classic.

HENNESSY 1X200 £8.99. Rod Steiger, Lee Remick  action thriller.

BORN FREE 1X200 £8.99. Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers classic adventure. Original box.

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