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All prices in UK Pounds.

SHOWBOAT 1X400 £14.99. Howard Keel, Kathryn Grayson classic MGM musical. Original case.

THE DON IS DEAD 1X400 £13.99. Anthony Quinn gangster classic. Original case.

WHITE LINE FEVER 1X400 £13.99. Jan Michael Vincent thriller. Original box.

BUCK AND THE PREACHER 1X400 £13.99. Sidney Poitier western classic. Original box.

BRIANS SONG 1X400 £13.99. James Caan sporting drama. Original case.

DILLINGER 1X400 £13.99.  Warren Oates, Ben Johnson gangster classic. Original box.

THE STING 1X400 £11.99. Paul Newman, Robert Redford classic crime comedy. Original Universal case.

MASTER OF THE WORLD 1X200 £19.99. Vincent Price, Charles Bronson sci fi classic. Original box.

A GATHERING OF EAGLES (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Rod Taylor, Barry Sullivan war movie classic. Rare print.

HIGHER AND HIGHER (B/W) 1X400 £12.99. Frank Sinatra, Jack Haley music drama.

I'M NO ANGEL (B/W) 1X400 £13.99. Cary Grant, Mae West star in this Universal classic. Original case.

THE FLOWER DRUM SONG 1X400 £12.99.  Rodgers and Hammersteins classic musical with Nancy Kwan. Original case.

THE AWFUL TRUTH (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Cary Grant, Irene Dunn classic comedy. Original Columbia box.

GOLDEN BOY 1X400 £14.99. William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck 1939 classic romantic drama. Original Columbia box.

THE GODDESS (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges 1958 classic drama.

LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING 1X400 £9.99. William Holden, Jennifer Jones classic romantic drama. Original box.

HERBIE MOVIES 1X600 £29.99. Herbie the Love Bug,  Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Love Bug 53. Three different Herbie films joined together each with it own front and end credits.

THE BLACK HOLE 1X400 £12.99. Walt Disney sci fi blockbuster with Anthony Perkins.

DEATH RIDES THE RANGE (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Ken Maynard classic 1939 western.

FLAMING LEAD (B/W) 1X400 £6.99. Ken Maynard classic western. Some scratches. Original Walton Films box.

THE LONGEST YARD 1X200 £9.99. Burt Reynolds, Eddie Albert comedy crime drama.

FOR MEN ONLY (B/W Silent) 1X300 £9.99. Pete Walker directed this 60's glamour type film with David Kernan.

BORN FREE 1X400 £12.99. Virginia McKenna stars in this Oscar winning family film. Original box.

BATTLE OF THE GIANTS (B/W) 1X200 £12.99. Cutdown of the prehistoric adventure One Million BC from Universal with Victor Mature. Original label.

DILLINGER 1X200 £8.99.  Warren Oates, Ben Johnson gangster classic.

THE ST VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE 1X200 £8.99. Jason Robards, George Segal gangster classic.

HENNESSY 1X200 £8.99. Rod Steiger, Lee Remick  action thriller.

KING SOLOMONS MINES 1X200 £8.99. Deborah Kerr, Stewart Granger adventure classic.

THE BLACK WIDOW (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. 1931 murder mystery with William J Burns. rare print.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (B/W Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Cecil B Demille classic in original box.

THE CRUSADES (B/W Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Cecil B Demille classic in original Castle Films box.

CAPTAIN BLOOD (B/W 1924) £12.99. The classic silent version with music track.. Original case.

BORN FREE 1X200 £8.99. Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers classic adventure. Original box.

THE HONG KONG CONNECTION 1X200 £12.99. Kung Fu martial arts action. Original box.

BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID 1X200 £8.99. Paul Newman, Robert Redford classic western. Original box.

SWASHBUCKLER (Scope) 1X400 £14.99. Robert Shaw stars in this pirate adventure. Cineavision print.

INTERNATIONAL VELVET 1X400 £11.99. Tatum O'Neal, Christopher Plummer star in this classic horse drama.

GUNS FOR SAN SEBASTIAN 1X400 £12.99. Anthony Quinn, Charles Bronson star in this action packed western. Original case.

GIGI 1X400 £14.99. Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier star in this classic MGM musical. Original case

GOLDEN BOY (B/W) 1X400 £7.99. William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck classic Columbia drama. Front credits missing otherwise complete. Original label.

THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE 1X400 £12.99. Julie Andrews stars in this classic Universal musical. Original case.

THE JOLSON STORY 1X400 £12.99. Larry Parks stars as the worlds greatest entertainer Al Jolson. Original Columbia box.

WHAT INDIANS (B/W) 1X200 £9.99.  Dean Martin stars in this classic western "Texas Across The River". Castle films.

WE'VE GOT A SHOW (Scope) 1X200 £12.99. Extract from "The Young Ones" with Cliff Richard.

MAD MAD MOVIE MAKERS (aka THE LAST PORNO FLICK) 1X400 £9.99. Hilarious adult comedy. This is part two from the Iver Films two parter. Rare.

CAROUSEL 1X200 £6.99. Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones classic musical.

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