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          Super 8mm Cartoons/shorts

All prices in UK Pounds.

All in very good condition.

WARNER BROS CARTOONS. Great selection of hilarious cartoons.

MEXICAN CAT DANCE 1X200 £13.99. Speedy Gonzales classic cartoon. 

WALT DISNEY. Here is a great selection of classic animated cartoons from the Walt Disney studio.

WALT DISNEY 1X200 EXTRACTS £9.99 each.

BAMBI AND HIS FRIENDS. Good colour print.


GERALD McBOING BOING 1X200 £11.99. Classic Columbia cartoon. Original box.

MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE 1X200 £11.99. Classic UPA musical cartoon.

SWING YOUR PARTNER 1X100 £8.99. Universal classic musical cartoon. Original case.

BOX OF TRICKS (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Vintage Gandy Goose cartoon.

FISH HOOKED 1X200 £11.99. Chilly Willy cartoon classic. Original Castle Films box.

CLOAK AND STAGGER 1X200 £9.99. Good Deed Daly cartoon fun.

CLASSIC FILMS. Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, Andy Clyde, Little Rascals etc. Films from the golden days of the cinema.

CHIMPS LAST CHANCE (B/W Silent) £7.99. Old time comedy with performing monkees. Original Castle Films box.

PERFECT DAY 1X200 (B/W) £12.99. Laurel & Hardy classic comedy. Original Walton Films box.

CRAZY KITCHEN (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Snub Pollard vintage comedy with music track.

SUE MY LAWYER (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Harry Langdon classic comedy. Original Columbia box.

CAPTAIN KIDD'S KIDS (B/W Silent) 1X200 £8.99. Harold Lloyd classic comedy.

CONEY ISLAND (B/W Silent) 1X400 £19.99. Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton classic comedy.

CHARLIE ON THE FARM (B/W Silent) 1X200 £8.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

ONE A.M. (B/W Silent) 1X200 £8.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

STEPPING ON THE GAS (B/W Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Keystone comedy classic. Original box.


LITTLE MISS MARKER PART 1 1X400 £3.99. Original case.

TRAVEL, NEWS, INTEREST. Lots of interesting shorts from Pathe Pics to Look at Life etc.

REVIEW No.1 28TH YEAR 1X200 £12.99. Tomorrows Money. An account of the evolution of banking and credit systems in Britain. Made in 1974 by National Coal Board. Good colour.

MUSIC SNAP No. 1 1X200 £12.99. The Judges Song from "Trial by Jury". DCR Films release. Good colour.

WORLD OF THE HORSE 1X200 £12.99. Movietone News look at various horse events. Very good colour. Original Powell Films box.

FABULOUS HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS 1X200 £9.99. The World famous Basketball team in this Castle Films short. Fair/good colour. Original label.

SAIL FEVER 1X200 £9.99. All about yachting. Excellent colour print. Original Waltons Films label.

1X200 £12.99. 
A trip to Disney World. Good colour. Original Disney box.

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES 1X200 £9.99. Australian documentary. Fair colour.

DOWN MEMORY LANE (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. Hollywood on Parade featuring Maurice Chevalier.

PATHE PICTORIAL : CLIMBING THE MATTERHORN 1X200 £12.99. Climbing the Matterhorn mountain. Faded/fair colour print. Original Derann box.

THE PROUD HORSES OF AUSTRIA 1X200 £9.99. Walt Disney documentary about the Austrian Riding School. Original box.

WORLD CUP FINAL 1970 (Silent) £7.99. The football World Cup final in Mexico. Original Walton Films box.

RHYTHM RACKETEER (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Harry Roy and his big band orchestra. Original case.

FLYING SCOTSMAN & WESTERN ENEAVOUR 1X200 £12.99. Two world famous steam locomotives. Original case.

RAILWAY SCRAPBOOK (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. A look at the early days of steam locomotives. Originally silent but has added soundtrack from 1 minute into film.

FURY IN THE PACIFIC (B/W) 1X400 £16.99. Battle footage of the invasion of the Peleliu and Anguar islands. Great vintage footage. Excellent print.

ANIMAL WORLD 2X400 £19.99. A look at various types of animals in the wild. The seasons, Big Cats, Jaguar, animals in love, vampire bats etc. Released by IE International.

A DAY AT DISNEYLAND 1X200 £11.99. A whirlwind tour of Disneyland. Original Disney label.

AMERICA ON PARADE 1X200 £11.99. A special carnival parade at Disneyland. Original Disney box.

I SURRENDER DEAR (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Bing Crosby musical short. Original Collectors Club box.

A DAY AT DISNEYLAND 1X200 £11.99. All the joys and attractions of Disneyland.

DREAMHOUSE (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. Bing Crosby musical comedy short. Original Collectors Club box.

JAZZ AND SAND (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. Musical short with Wilson, Keppel and Betty.

FABULOUS HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS (B/W) 1X200 £8.99. The World famous Basketball team in this Castle Films short.

LOOK AGAIN AT GARDEN BIRDS (Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Bird wildlife short.

BEAR 1X200 £2.99. Wildlife short from the Natures Window series. Has the wrong soundtrack on, hence low price. Original Techno Films case.

RACOON & PRARIE DOG 1X200 £7.99. Wildlife short from the Natures Window series. Techno Films release.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II SILVER JUBILLE 1X400 £14.99. A portrait of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952 to 1977.

SILVER JUBILEE 1X200 £11.99. Movietone news covers the 1977 celebrations of the Queens Jubilee.

SPORTING HIGHLIGHTS 1976 (B/W Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Movietone News covers the FA Cup Final, The Derby, Grand National, Wimbledon etc. Original box.

RACCOON PRAIRIE DOG 1X200 £6.99. Natures Window series. Orig. case.

A ROYAL DECADE 1955-1965 1X200 £11.99. Made by Pathe. Orig. case.

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