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          Super 8mm Cartoons/shorts

All prices in UK Pounds.

All in very good condition.

WALT DISNEY. Here is a great selection of classic animated cartoons from the Walt Disney studio.

THE LEGEND OF COYOTE ROCK 1X200 £9.99. Pluto classic cartoon. Original box.

DONALD DUCK IN THE HIGH ANDES 1X200 £9.99.  Donald Duck classic cartoon. Original Disney box.

DISNEY'S GREATEST CHASES 1X400 £12.99. Car chases and crashes Disney style. Original label.

WALT DISNEY 1X200 EXTRACTS £8.99 each. Most of them are in their original boxes and have good colour.





GERALD McBOING BOING 1X200 £11.99. Classic Columbia cartoon. Original box.

THE HAUNTED CASTLE (Silent) 1X200 £4.99. The Three Musketeers cartoon. Silent but striped. Excellent colour.

MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE 1X200 £11.99. Classic UPA musical cartoon.

SWING YOUR PARTNER 1X100 £8.99. Universal classic musical cartoon. Original case.

EGG CRACKER SUITE 1X100 £8.99. Universal classic musical cartoon. Original case.

SLOPPY JALOPY 1X200 £11.99. Mr Magoo 1952 classic cartoon. Original case. Excellent colour.

EGGNAPPER 1X200 £11.99. Ranger Willoughby cartoon from Jack Hannah. Excellent colour print.

LION HEARTED HUCK 1X200 £9.99. Huckleberry Hound cartoon classic. Good colour.

SWING YOUR PARTNER 1X200 £12.99. Walter Lantz musical cartoon classic. Polyester print with very good colour.

SCRUB ME MAMA WITH A BOOGIE BEAT (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Rare 1941 Walter Lantz Universal cartoon.

GANDY'S DREAM GIRL 1X200 £9.99. 1944 classic Gandy Goose cartoon. Excellent colour.

HYPNOTIZED 1X200 £9.99. Little Roquefort and Percy classic cartoon.

GYPSY LIFE 1X200 £9.99. Mighty Mouse classic cartoon.

THE GHOST TOWN 1X200 £9.99. Gandy Goose classic Terrytoon cartoon.

A MERRY CHASE 1X200 £9.99. Heckle & Jeckle classic cartoon. Original box.

GOONY GOLFERS 1X200 £9.99. Heckle & Jeckle classic cartoon. Original box.

PIRATES GOLD 1X200 £9.99. Heckle & Jeckle classic cartoon. Original box.

MUSICAL MADNESS 1X200 £9.99. Little Roquefort and Percy cartoon. Original box.

JACKS BEANS (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Vintage Old Mother Hubbard type cartoon.

BOX OF TRICKS (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Vintage Gandy Goose cartoon.

FOXING CLEVER (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Vintage Terrytoon cartoon.

SOGGY TO ME 1X200 £8.99. Motor Mouse and Autocat cartoon. Excellent Agfa colour print. Original Walton Films box.

UNBEARABLE SALESMAN (B/W) 1X200 £7.99. Woody Woodpecker cartoon classic. Original box.

FISH HOOKED 1X200 £11.99. Chilly Willy cartoon classic. Original Castle Films box.

CLOAK AND STAGGER 1X200 £9.99. Good Deed Daly cartoon fun.

THE STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER 1X200 £11.99. Vintage Hans Christian Andersen animated cartoon.

A HAP HAP HAPPY DAY 1X200 £7.99. From Gullivers Travels. Original case.

CLASSIC FILMS. Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, Andy Clyde, Little Rascals etc. Films from the golden days of the cinema.

THE TWO DOYLES Part 2 (B/W Silent) 1X400 £11.99. Franklyn Farnum stars in this 1919 classic silent western. This is the last 16 minutes. Original Blackhawk box. 

WITH LOVE AND HISSES (B/W Silent) 1X400 £14.99. 
Laurel and Hardy classic 1927 comedy.

THE BEST OF W.C. FIELDS (B/W Silent) 1X400 £8.99. 
Compilation of classic comedies featuring W.C. Fields. Original Universal Films case.

WEDDED BLITZ (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Leon Errol classic 1942 comedy.

MELODY ON THE MOVE (B/W) 1X200 £12.99. Laurel and Hardy attempt to move a piano in Switzerland. Original Walton Films box.

SUE MY LAWYER (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Harry Langdon classic comedy. Original Columbia box.

CAPTAIN KIDD'S KIDS (B/W Silent) 1X200 £8.99. Harold Lloyd classic comedy.

BORED OF EDUCATION (B/W) 1X250 £15.99. Little Rascals 1936 classic comedy. Excellent Blackhawk print.

WEDDED BLITZ (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Leon Errol classic comedy.

CONEY ISLAND (B/W Silent) 1X400 £19.99. Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton classic comedy.

HABEUS CORPUS (B/W Silent) 1X400 £14.99. Laurel and Hardy classic comedy. Original box.

THE SOILERS (B/W Silent) 1X200 £8.99. Stan Laurel vintage comedy short. Original Collectors Club box.

KILL OR CURE (B/W Silent) 1X200 £8.99. Stan Laurel vintage comedy short. Original Collectors Club box.

CHARLIE ON THE FARM (B/W Silent) 1X200 £8.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

THE CHAMPEEN (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Our Gang classic comedy. No front credits otherwise very good.

ONE A.M. (B/W Silent) 1X200 £8.99. Charlie Chaplin classic comedy.

STEPPING ON THE GAS (B/W Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Keystone comedy classic. Original box.

THE HOT SPOT (B/W) 1X400 £24.99. Frank McHugh 1931 RKO classic. Original DCR Films box.

THE BIG SQUIRT (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Charley Chase classic.

A BUNDLE OF BLISS (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Andy Clyde. Original Columbia box.

IT ALWAYS HAPPENS (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Andy Clyde. Original Columbia box.

IN THE DOG HOUSE (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Andy Clyde. Original Columbia box.

ALIMONY ACHES  (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Andy Clyde. Original Columbia box.

THE DASHING AMERICAN (B/W) 1X200 £12.99. Douglas Fairbanks.

HOTEL HYSTERIA (B/W Silent) 1X200 £5.99. Classic comedy.

REMEMBER WHEN (B/W Silent) 1X400 £19.99. Harry Langdon classic.

THE GOLF SPECIALIST 1X400 £19.99. W.C Fields. Original Niles Films box.

HURRY HURRY (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. W.C. Fields classic comedy. Original  Castle Films box.


THE WOMAN IN RED Parts 2 & 3 (Optical sound) 2X600 £39.99. Gene Wilder, Kelly LeBrock romantic comedy. Good colour. Last two parts of feature.

LASSITER PART 1 (Optical sound)  1X600 £19.99. Tom Selleck, Jane Seymour action crime drama. Good colour. First part of feature.

PIRATES TREASURE SERIAL (B/W) 1X400 £12.99. Chapters 6 available from the Universal  1934 classic serial. Original box.

THE VIGILANTE SERIAL  (B/W) 1X400 £12.99. Chapter 2  of the classic Columbia western serial. Original box.

HOP HARRIGAN SERIAL (B/W) 1X400 £14.99. Chapter 6 of the classic 15 chapter Columbia serial. Original box.

THE DIAMOND MERCENARIES PART 5 1X400 £11.99. Telly Savalas, Peter Fonda thriller. Final part of the Iver Films feature. Original case.

LITTLE MISS MARKER PART 1 1X400 £3.99. Original case.

TRAVEL, NEWS, INTEREST. Lots of interesting shorts from Pathe Pics to Look at Life etc.

UNDER KILIMANJARO 1X600 £29.99. Wildlife documentary narrated by William Conrad. Original box.

RHYTHM RACKETEER (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Harry Roy and his big band orchestra. Original case.

ON THE WESTERN REGION 1X200 £12.99. Made between 1959 and 1962 when steam trains will still and everyday sight. Original case.

FLYING SCOTSMAN & WESTERN ENEAVOUR 1X200 £12.99. Two world famous steam locomotives. Original case.

RAILWAY SCRAPBOOK (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. A look at the early days of steam locomotives. Originally silent but has added soundtrack from 1 minute into film.

THE GRAND CANYON 1X200 £11.99. Panorama International travelogue. Fair/good colour. Original box.

GRAND CANYON 1X200 (Silent) £5.99. Rare Walt Disney travelogue. Fair colour. Original Walt Disney box.

FURY IN THE PACIFIC (B/W) 1X400 £16.99. Battle footage of the invasion of the Peleliu and Anguar islands. Great vintage footage. Excellent print.

THE RISE & FALL OF NAZI GERMANY (B/W Silent) 1X400 £12.99. The rise and fall of the Nazi party in Germany. Original Blackhawk box.

TALL SHIPS 1X600 £19.99. An account of the 1970 Tall Ships Race from Plymouth to Tenerife.

SAFARI TO ASIA (B/W) 1X600 £19.99. Travelogue of the wildlife of Japan with Armand and Michaela Denis.

ANIMAL WORLD 2X400 £19.99. A look at various types of animals in the wild. Released by IE International.

A DAY AT DISNEYLAND 1X200 £11.99. A whirlwind tour of Disneyland. Original Disney label.

AMERICA ON PARADE 1X200 £10.99. A carnival parade Walt Disney style.

KILL OR BE KILLED (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. The story of a Mexican boy and a Road Runner birds close friendship. Walton Films print.

SCREEN TEST 1X200 £9.99. Doug MClure and Don Adams take part in this USA TV series screen test comedy. Rare.

CARLE COMES CALLING (B/W) 1X400 £16.99. 1947 Big Band musical short with Frankie Carle and his orchestra.

MOVIETONE NEWS 1937 (B/W) 1X400 £12.99. Vintage newsreel. All the best news stories. Original box.

MOVIETONE NEWS : VICTORY DAY (B/W) 1X400 £12.99. The World War II Victory Day Parade. Original Powell Films box.

THE ROYAL WEDDING 1X400 £14.99. The Weddings of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Original Walton Films case.

THE ROYAL WEDDING (B/W) 1X200 £12.99. The wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten in 1947. Excellent polyester print. Original box.

UNITED STATES Vs THE WORLD (Optical sound) 1X800 £29.99. A nine match competition on some of Britains best golf courses. Excellent Agfa colour print. Rare.

WE'VE GO A SHOW (Scope) 1X200 £12.99. Cliff Richard musical extracts from The Young Ones. Walton Films print.

DAWN FLIGHT 1X400 £14.99. Glider planes in action. Excellent colour. Original case.

HOT DOG 1X400 £14.99. The world of acrobatic skiers. Very good colour. Original case.

WILDLIFE USA 1X400 £12.99. Wildlife documentary in the USA. Original Fletcher Films case.

HOLLYWOOD USA (B/W) 1X200 £12.99. Documentary about tinsel town.

AMERICA ON PARADE 1X200 £11.99. A special carnival parade at Disneyland. Original Disney box.

OLD TIME MOVIES (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. Vintage footage of the early 1900's. Castle Films release.

GO INTO YOUR DANCE (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Al Jolson classic musical short. Original Collectors Club box.

CALIFORNIA THE GOLDEN STATE 1X200 £7.99. Universal travelogue. Fair colour. Original label.

MOVIETONE NEW 1952 (B/W Silent) £4.99. All the best news items of the year. Has sound stripe but is silent. Original Powell Films box,

LETS MAKE RHYTHM (B/W) 1X400 £19.99. Stan Kenton and his Orchestra. Big Band musical short. Original box.

SEINE VALLEY RAILWAY 1X200 £12.99. 1972 steam engine short. Original box.

ROYAL WEDDING 1X200 £9.99. Movietone News covers the wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. Original box.

I SURRENDER DEAR (B/W) 1X200 £9.99. Bing Crosby musical short. Original Collectors Club box.

DANGER IS MY BUSINESS : Barn Storming Pilot 1X200 £12.99. Airplane stunts at a carnival show. Excellent Agfa colour print.

BRITISH PARAMOUNT NEWS 1946 (B/W) 1X200 £13.99. Millionth Ford car produced, Storm takes havest, George Formby judges Beauty contest, India tension, Trick car with driving seat back and front.

A DAY AT DISNEYLAND 1X200 £11.99. All the joys and attractions of Disneyland.

JERSEY (B/W Silent) 1X200 £7.99. Vintage travelogue.

MOVIETONE NEWS FINAL EDITION (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. A look back over the last 50 years of news stories. Also includes come bonus adverts at end. Derann Kodak polyester print.

SHARK DOCTOR 1X200 £11.99. From the documentary series "Danger is My Business". Brand new sealed in original case.

ALLIGATOR WRESTLER 1X200 £11.99. From the documentary series "Danger is My Business". Brand new sealed in original case.

SEAGOING ZOOLOGIST 1X200 £11.99. From the documentary series "Danger is My Business". Brand new sealed in original case.

VIETNAM TIGER HUNT 1X200 £11.99. From the documentary series "Danger is My Business". Brand new sealed in original case.

Former British carrier joins French navy, the one millionth Ford car comes off the production line, Storms take toll on harvest, George Formby judges Beauty contest, India tension, trick car with back and front driving. Original Derann box.

DREAMHOUSE (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. Bing Crosby musical comedy short. Original Collectors Club box.

LONDON TO BRIGHTON AT 500MPH 1X200 £11.99. Very fast train journey between London and Brighton. Original Mountain Films box.

JUBILEE REEL No.4 1X200 £9.99. Movietone news covers Trooping of the Colour and other Royal events during the Queens Jubilee. Original Powell Films box.

25 YEARS - IMPRESSIONS 2X600 £34.99. A look back at Queen Elizabeth II first 25 years on the throne. Good colour print.

WINGS OF HISTORY No.5 1X200 £8.99. The 1977 Air Pageant flying show. Original box.

JAZZ AND SAND (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. Musical short with Wilson, Keppel and Betty.

DO YOU LIKE SNOW? (B/W) 1X200 £7.99. Various winter sporting events Original Castle Films box.

FABULOUS HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS (B/W) 1X200 £8.99. The World famous Basketball team in this Castle Films short.

MELODIES OF LOVE (B/W) 1X200 £11.99. Vintage musical short featuring singing and organ playing.

LOOK AGAIN AT GARDEN BIRDS (Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Bird wildlife short.

A ROYAL DECADE 1X200 £4.99. Queen Elizabeth II 1955 to 1965. Poor sound in places otherwise an excellent polyster colour print. Original Derann box.

BEAR 1X200 £2.99. Wildlife short from the Natures Window series. Has the wrong soundtrack on, hence low price. Original Techno Films case.

RACOON & PRARIE DOG 1X200 £7.99. Wildlife short from the Natures Window series. Techno Films release.

THE ROYAL YEARS 1X200 £11.99. 1952 to 1977. From her Coronation to the Jubilee years. Walton Films release.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II SILVER JUBILLE 1X400 £14.99. A portrait of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952 to 1977.

SILVER JUBILEE 1X200 £11.99. Movietone news covers the 1977 celebrations of the Queens Jubilee.

LOCOMOTION (B/W) 1X200 £5.99. Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the worlds first passenger steam railway. Print is mirror imaged so writing looks back to front. Otherwise okay.

SPORTING HIGHLIGHTS 1976 (B/W Silent) 1X200 £4.99. Movietone News covers the FA Cup Final, The Derby, Grand National, Wimbledon etc. Original box.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK 1X200 £11.99. Panorama International traveloguetakes us to this popular tourist attraction.

CHICHESTER CONQUERS THE SEA (B/W) £11.99. Rare documentary.

RACCOON PRAIRIE DOG 1X200 £6.99. Natures Window series. Orig. case.

A ROYAL DECADE 1955-1965 1X200 £11.99. Made by Pathe. Orig. case.

MOVIETONE NEWS 1937 (B/W) 1X200 £4.99. Poor sound in places.

MOVIETONE NEWS 1948 (B/W) 1X200 £4.99. Poor sound in places.

KILLER WHALE SHOW (B/W) 1X200 £6.99. Original box.

THE ROYAL WEDDING 1X200 £9.99. Movietone News. Princess Anne. 

ELSA THE LIONESS OF TWO WORLDS (B/W) 1X200 £7.99. Orig. box. 

SOUTH AFRICA'S ANIMAL KINGDOM (B/W) £5.99. Original box. 

BIG MOMENTS FROM LITTLE PICTURES (B/W Silent) 1X400 £9.99. Will Rogers comedy shorts extracts. 

WASHINGTON NATIONS CAPITOL 1X200 £9.99. Castle Films travelogue. 

CHALLENGE OF THE ALPS 1X200 £8.99. This snowy terrain. Original Universal case.

PRINCESS ANNE'S MARRIAGE 1X200 £9.99. Movietone covers the marriage of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips.

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