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16mm Trailers and Adverts 


BIRDS EYE POTATOE WAFFLES £7.99. 70's advert. Awfully versatile.

BIRDS EYE GARDEN PEAS £7.99. The farm. 70's advert.

BIRDS EYE PEAS (B/W) £7.99. In Birds Eye shops now. 60's advert.

BIRDS EYE PEAS (B/W) £7.99. In the crown court. Animated. 60's advert.

MAJOR DUNDEE PROMO (1965) 1X200 (B/W) £14.99. Charlton Heston, Richard Harris war adventure. Behind the scenes. Excellent print.

TEHERAN (B/W 1946) £12.99. Derek Farr, Marta Labarr classic drama.

THESE THREE (B/W 1936) £12.99. Miriam Hopkins, Merle Oberon intense drama classic.

TIKO AND THE SHARK (B/W 1962) £12.99. Roau, Marlene Among drama.

SARUMBA (B/W 1950) £12.99. Michael Whalen, Doris Dowling musical drama.

BROOKLYN ORCHID (B/W 1942) £12.99. William Bendix, Joe Sawyer comedy.

FORCE OF ARMS (B/W 1951) £12.99. William Holden, Nancy Olson war drama.

GLASS ALIBI (B/W 1946) £12.99. Paul Kelly, Douglas Fowley crime drama.

THE LAST RESORT (B/W 1960) £12.99. Trailer for an episode of the TV western series Bronco with Ty Hardin.

SUICIDE BATALLION (B/W 1958) £12.99. Mike Connors, John Ashley war classic.

REPRISAL (B/W 1956) £12.99. Guy Madison, Felicia Farr classic western.

SUSAN SLADE (B/W 1961) £12.99. Troy Donahue, Dorothy McGuire classic drama.

THE SON OF RUSTY (B/W 1947) £12.99. Ted Donaldson family drama.

FOR MEN ONLY (B/W 1952) £12.99. Paul Henreid, Kathleen Hughs classic drama.

GOLIATH THE BARBARIAN (B/W 1959) £12.99. Steve Reeves action packed adventure.

DESPERATE SEARCH (B/W 1952) £12.99. Howard Keel, Jane Greer classic adventure drama.

BEAU BRUMMELL (B/W 1954) £12.99. Stewart Granger, Elizabeth Taylor historical drama.

DANGEROUS PASSAGE (B/W 1944) £9.99. Robert Lowery, Phyliss Brooks drama.

AFRICAN MANHUNT (B/W 1955) £9.99. Myron Healey, Karin Booth adventure.

CLAUDIA AND DAVID (1946 B/W) £9.99. Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young classic comedy drama.

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