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16mm Trailers


THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA (B/W) £12.99. Paul Muni, Gale Sondergaard classic.

TEASER TRAILER REEL 1X300 £19.99. The Mind Snatchers, The Beast Within, Somthing is Out There, The Pyx, The Red Tent, The Final Countdown, The One and Only, Staircase and The Idolmaker. Fair colour.

GAS (1981) £12.99. Peter Akyroyd hilarious 1981 comedy. Fair/good colour print.

THE FINAL COUNDOWN (1980) £9.99. Kirk Douglas sci fi thriller. 1 minute teaser trailer. Good colour.

YOUR 3 MINUTES ARE UP (1973) £9.99. Beau Bridges, Ron Leibman comedy. 1 minute teaser trailer. Good colour.

HELLO GOODBYE (1970) £8.99. Michael Crawford comedy. 1 minute teaser trailer. Fair colour.

MY OLD MAN'S PLACE (1971) £9.99. Arthur Kennedy, William Devane war drama. 1 minute teaser trailer. Good colour.

THE GAMES (1970) £8.99. Michael Crawford sporting drama. 1 minute teaser trailer. Fair colour.

THE YOUNG NURSES (1973) £9.99. Jeane Manson, Ashley Porter thriller. 1 minute teaser trailer. Fair colour.

PATERNITY (1981) £9.99. Burt Reynolds romantic comedy. 1 minute teaser trailer. Fair colour.

MAJOR DUNDEE PROMO (1965) 1X200 (B/W) £14.99. Charlton Heston, Richard Harris war adventure. Behind the scenes. Excellent print.

TEHERAN (B/W 1946) £12.99. Derek Farr, Marta Labarr classic drama.

THE GAY SWORDSMAN (B/W 1949) £12.99. Carlo Ninchi swashbuckling adventure.

AMBUSH (B/W 1950) £12.99. Robert Taylor, John Hodiak classic western

THESE THREE (B/W 1936) £12.99. Miriam Hopkins, Merle Oberon intense drama classic.

TIKO AND THE SHARK (B/W 1962) £12.99. Roau, Marlene Among drama.

SARUMBA (B/W 1950) £12.99. Michael Whalen, Doris Dowling musical drama.

BROOKLYN ORCHID (B/W 1942) £12.99. William Bendix, Joe Sawyer comedy.

THE BOY FROM OKLAHOMA (BW 1954) £12.99. Will Rogers Jr, Nancy Olson classic western.

WALL OF NOISE (B/W 1963) £12.99. Suzanne Pleshette, Ty Hardin drama. Long trailer.

THE PERFECT WOMAN (B/W 1949) £12.99. Patricia Roc, Stanley Holloway comedy. Long trailer.

FORCE OF ARMS (B/W 1951) £12.99. William Holden, Nancy Olson war drama.

GLASS ALIBI (B/W 1946) £12.99. Paul Kelly, Douglas Fowley crime drama.

LITTLE BIG HORN (aka THE FIGHTING 7TH) (B/W 1951) £12.99. Lloyd Bridges, John Ireland classic western.

THE GAY SWORDSMAN (B/W 1949) £12.99. Peter Trent, Carlo Ninchi swashbuckling adventure.

FINGERPRINTS DON'T LIE (B/W 1951) £12.99. Richard Travis, Sheila Ryan classic crime drama.

THE LAST RESORT (B/W 1960) £12.99. Trailer for an episode of the TV western series Bronco with Ty Hardin.

ANY NUMBER CAN PLAY (B/W 1949) £12.99. Clark Gable, Alexis Smith classic drama.

THROUGH HELL TO GLORY (B/W 1958) £12.99. John Agar, Audrey Totter star in this action war drama.

SUICIDE BATALLION (B/W 1958) £12.99. Mike Connors, John Ashley war classic.

THE MAN WHO CRIED WOLF (B/W 1937) £12.99. Lewis Stone, Barbara Read crime drama.

REPRISAL (B/W 1956) £12.99. Guy Madison, Felicia Farr classic western.

STORM OVER THE NILE (B/W 1955) £12.99. Anthony Steel, Laurence Harvey classic romantic adventure.

SUSAN SLADE (B/W 1961) £12.99. Troy Donahue, Dorothy McGuire classic drama.

BANDIT QUEEN (B/W 1950) £12.99. Barbara Britton classic western adventure.

DARK INTERVAL (B/W 1950) £12.99. Zena Marshall, Andrew Osborn crime thriller.

THE ROOTS OF HEAVEN (B/W 1958) £12.99. Errol Flynn, Trevor Howard classic adventure.

THE SON OF RUSTY (B/W 1947) £12.99. Ted Donaldson family drama.

BAND OF ANGELS (B/W 1957) £12.99. Clark Gable, Yvonne De Carlo classic romantic drama.

FOR MEN ONLY (B/W 1952) £12.99. Paul Henreid, Kathleen Hughs classic drama.

MAN EATER OF KUMAON (B/W 1948) £12.99. Sabu, Wendell Corey classic adventure.

FEDERAL MAN (B/W 1950) £12.99. William Henry crime drama.

YOUNG WIDOW (B/W 1946) £12.99. Jane Russell, Louis Hayward classic drama.

AS YOUNG AS YOU FEEL (B/W 1951) £12.99. Monty Woolley, Thelma Ritter comedy.

TRACK OF THE CAT (B/W 1954) £12.99. Robert Mitchum classic western drama.

GOLIATH THE BARBARIAN (B/W 1959) £12.99. Steve Reeves action packed adventure.

THE WILD NORTH (B/W 1952) £12.99. Stewart Granger, Wendell Corey western adventure.

DESPERATE SEARCH (B/W 1952) £12.99. Howard Keel, Jane Greer classic adventure drama.

BEAU BRUMMELL (B/W 1954) £12.99. Stewart Granger, Elizabeth Taylor historical drama.

STREET OF SHADOWS (B/W 1953) £12.99. Cesar Romero, Kay Kendall crime drama.

FEUDIN, FUSSIN AND A-FIGHTIN (B/W 1948) £12.99. Donald O'Connor, Marjorie Main comedy.

DANGEROUS PASSAGE (B/W 1944) £9.99. Robert Lowery, Phyliss Brooks drama.

GRAND CANYON (B/W 1949) £12.99. Richard Arlen, Mary Beth Hughes, romantic western.

THE THIRD DAY (1965) £12.99. George Peppard, Elizabeth Ashley mystery drama. Fair/good colour print in excellent condition.

I AIM AT THE STARS (B/W 1960) £9.99. Curd Jurgens, Herbert Lom sci fi drama.

ADVENTURE LAND & WATER BIRDS (B/W 1952) £11.99. Walt Disney introduces this promo for Adventure Land at Walt Disney World and a trailer for the True Life Adventure Water Birds.

AFRICAN MANHUNT (B/W 1955) £9.99. Myron Healey, Karin Booth adventure.

THE HANGING TREE (B/W 1959) £9.99. Gary Cooper, Karl Malden star in this western drama.

WEST OF SUEZ (B/W) 1957) £9.99. Keefe Brasselle, Kay Callard thriller.

BURY ME DEAD (B/W 1947) £9.99. Cathy O'Donnell, June Lockhart crime thriller.

YOU'RE TELLING ME (B/W 1942) £9.99. Hugh Herbert 1942 comedy.

CLAUDIA AND DAVID (1946 B/W) £9.99. Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young classic comedy drama.

ALOMA OF THE SOUTH SEAS (1941 B/W) £9.99. Dorothy Lamour classic adventure.

JUST TELL ME WANT YOU WANT (1980) £7.99. Ali McGraw.

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