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 16mm Films: Below is a list of the 16mm Features, listed alphabetically.

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          16mm Features (S to V)

All prices in UK Pounds.

THE SUNDOWNERS (B/W) £79.99. Robert Preston, Robert Sterling. Brother is pitted against brother in this tale of fueding ranchers in the old west. 1950 classic western. Very good print and condition.

SUMMER WISHES WINTER DREAMS £79.99. Joanne Woodward, Martin Balsam. Rita, a middle aged New York City homemaker, finds herself in an emotional crisis which forces her to re-examine her life, as well as her relationships with her mother, her eye doctor husband, her alienated daughter and estranged son. Eastman polyester print with fair/good colour in excellent condition.

THUNDER PASS (B/W) £59.99. Dane Clark, Dorothy Patrick, Andy Devine. A Cavalry unit escorts a group of civillians through dangerous territory inhabited by Indians on the warpath. 1954 classic western. No end credits otherwise complete and a good print.

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