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 16mm Films: Below is a list of the 16mm Features, listed alphabetically.

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          16mm Features (O to R)

All prices in UK Pounds.

OVER 21 (B/W) £79.99. Irene Dunne, Charles Coburn. A woman screenwriter lives in a shabby bungalow in order to be near her husband, a 39-year-old newspaper editor who has just joined the army. 1945 classic Columbia comedy. Very good print and condition.

THE ORDEAL OF DR MUDD £79.99. Dennis Weaver, Susan Sullivan. Country doctor Samuel Mudd is unfairly punished by the U.S. Government after he unwisely shelters a wounded John Wilkes Booth during the night after Abraham Lincoln's assassination. 1980 historical drama. Fair/Good colour print in very good condition.

ODE TO BILLY JOE £99.99. Robby Benson, Glynnis O'Connor. Billy Joe confesses his love to the lovely Bobbi Lee only to cover his growing fear that he may, in fact, be homosexual. One night, at a barn dance, he gets a little drunk and rather than going with the hired whores, gives into his desires and sexual relations with an unnamed man. 1976 classic drama. Eastman print with good colour in excellent condition.

THE POWER £69.99. George Hamilton, Suzanne Pleshette. One by one members of a special project team are being killed by telekinesis - the ability to move things with the power of the mind alone. The race is to determine which of the remaining team members is the murderer and how to stop them. 1968 George Pal sci fi thriller. Faded/fair colour print in excellent condition.

Jack Lemmon, Anne Bancroft. A suddenly-unemployed executive suffers a nervous breakdown. 1975 comedy. Eastman scope print with fair/good colour in very good condition.

PRECINCT 45 (aka THE NEW CENTURIANS) (Scope) £79.99. George C Scott, Stacey Keach. An idealistic rookie cop joins the LAPD to make ends meet while finishing law school, and is indoctrinated by a seasoned veteran. As time goes on, he loses his ambitions and family as police work becomes his entire life. Eastman print with fair/good colour in excellent condition.

PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT £89.99. Richard Benjamin, Karen Black, Lee Grant. The movie chronicles a young man's love and passion in his own kinky way. 1972 comedy.  Excellent Agfa colour print.

THE PARTY CRASHERS (B/W)  £79.99. Mark Damon, Bobby Driscoll, Connie Stevens. An Unruly teenage gang, get their kicks by crashing square teen parties atounf twon, 1958 classic drama. Excellent print.

John Derek, Barbara Rush. In a 16th century kingdom  in the Netherlands, the newly crowned King Stephan concludes a secret treaty with the Spanish. 1953 classic swashbuckler. Very good print and condition.

THE PATHFINDER (B/W) £49.99. George Montgomery, Jay Silverheels. Pathfinder, a white man raised by the Mohican Indians, joins forces with the British army to avenge himself on the Mingo warriors and the French, who have brought death and pillage to his people. He takes on a mission to retrieve secret plans from within the French fort at St. Vicente. 1952 classic western. Very good print and condition.

RUN AFTER ME UNTIL I CATCH YOU £69.99. Annie Girardot, Jean Pierre Marielle. Paul is a tax collector. Jacqueline works in a dog grooming salon. They are both single and meet through a marriage announcement. Their first interview turns out badly: they find themselves in a porn cinema and argue. Despite this first failure, she agrees to dine with him. However, she goes there with all the dogs of the institute, which the clients could not take back in time. 1976 French comedy with English sound. Very good Agfa colour print.

ROSEBUD £69.99. Peter O'Toole, Richard Attenborough. In a bold coup, a Palestinian terrorist group captures the yacht Rosebud and kidnaps the millionaire's five daughters on it. At first they demand film clips to be shown on major European television stations. Undercover Agent Martin is hired to hunt the terrorists down. 1975 action thriller. Faded/fair colour in very good condition.

RETURN OF CASEY JONES (B/W) £79.99. Charles Starrett, George Gabby Hayes. Jimmy, a young boy, idolizes famed train engineer Casey Jones and is devastated when his hero is killed in a train wreck. The boy grows up to be a railroad engineer, too, but one day the train he is piloting loses its brakes and wrecks. 1933 classic action drama. Very good print and condition.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN (B/W) £99.99. Errol Flynn, Patrice Wymore. In California during the Civil War, a Confederate patrol and a Union troop must set their differences aside in order to survive a Sioux attack. 1950 classic western adventure. Excellent print and condition.

ROMEO AND JULIET £129.99. Laurence Harvey, John Gielgud, Mervyn Johns. In Shakespeare's classic play, the Montagues and Capulets, two families of Rensissance Italy, have hated each other for years, but the son of one family and the daughter of the other fall desperately in love and secretly marry. Polyester print with good colour.

ROUGH CUT £89.99. Burt Reynolds, David Niven, Lesley-Anne Down. Two sophisticated jewel thieves join forces to steal $30 million in uncut jewels. Despite a continuous exchange of quips they eventually become romantically involved. 1980 crime adventure. Eastman print with fair/good colour.

RED SKY AT MORNING £49.99. Richard Thomas,
Catherine Burns. A young boy adjusts to moving to a new town, as the experiences and people he meets mature him unexpectedly. 1971 drama. Eastman print with fair colour in very good condition.

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