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 16mm Films A - C: Below is a list of the 16mm Features, listed alphabetically.

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          16mm Features (A to C)

All prices in UK pounds.

APRIL SHOWERS (B/W) £129.99. Jack Carson, Ann Sothern. A married couple who have a song-and-dance act in vaudeville are in trouble. Their struggling act is going nowhere, they're almost broke and they have to do something to get them back on top or they'll really be in trouble. 1948 classic musical. Excellent print and condition.

AGATHA £99.99 £79.99. Dustin Hoffman, Vanessa Redgrave, Timothy Dalton. A fictional account of the real life, eleven day, never explained 1926 disappearance of famed murder mystery writer Agatha Christie. 1979 mystery drama. Eastman print with good colour.

ALVIN PURPLE (aka THE SEX THERAPIST) £99.99. Graeme Blundell, Lynette Curran. Australian waterbed salesman Alvin Sees a psychiatrist about his irresistibilty to women. 1973 Australian sex comedy. Eastman with with very good colour. 

APACHE CHIEF (B/W) £49.99. Alan Curtis, Tom Neal. The Apache Chief is trying to keep the peace treaty but his nephew Black Wolf who aspires to become Chief is killing whites. 1949 classic western. Some sprocket damage in places for 1st minute, then very good condition.

ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT £69.99. Richard Thomas, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasence. A young soldier faces profound disillusionment in the soul-destroying horror of World War I. 1979 remake. Eastman print with fair/good colour in very good condition.

BENJI £69.99. 
Peter Breck, Deborah Walley. A stray dog saves two kidnapped children in this 1974 family adventure drama. Eastman print with fair colour in very good condition.

THE BOBO £149.99. Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland, Rossano Brazzi. Unsuccessful singing bullfighter Juan arrives in Barcelona to try his luck in a big town. He finally persuades a devious local impresario to book him, but only on the condition that Juan first manages to spend an evening with Olimpia, a "shrewd merciless beauty". 1967 classic romantic comedy. Excellent IB Technicolor print.

BEQUEST TO THE NATION (aka THE NELSON AFFAIR) £99.99. Glenda Jackson, Peter Finch. 1973 historic drama about Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton's affair, ended by fate at the battle of Trafalgar. Excellent Agfa colour print in very good condition.

BOMBA ON PANTHER ISLAND (B/W) £79.99. Johnny Sheffield. Bomba the Jungle Boy must stop a man eating panther while helping Ludy Maitland and her brother Tobert build an experimental farm. Excellent print.

BAD MEN OF MISSOURI (B/W) £79.99. Arthur Kennedy, Dennis Morgan. Two young brothers return to Missouri after the Civil War with intent to avenge the misdeeds of a crooked banker. 1941 classic western. Very good print and condition.

BLUME IN LOVE £69.99. George Segal, Kris Kristofferson. Lawyer Stephen Blume, specialized in divorces, lives a paradoxical situation when, having his own marriage break up, is still in love with his ex-wife. 1973 comedy drama. Eastman print with fair colour in very good condition.

THE BABE RUTH STORY (B/W) £39.99. George Bendix, Charles Bickford. The famed slugger is played by Bendix, who resembles Ruth slightly in looks and not at all in baseball ability. The film traces the "life and times" of Ruth, including his famous "called shot" in the 1932 World Series. 1948 sporying drama. Very good print and condition. English sound with English subtitles.

THE CHEAP DETECTIVE £69.99. Peter Falk, Ann-Margret. San Francisco, 1940, detectives, dames, documents, Nazis, and a treasure. 1978 crime comedy mystery. Eastman print with fair/good colour in very good condition.

CROMWELL £79.99. Oliver Cromwell can no longer tolerate King Charles' policies, and the self-interest of the ruling class, and leads a civil war to install Parliament as the ultimate ruler of England. 1970 Historic drama. Faded/fair colour print in very good condition.

THE CAT £99.99. Jean Gabin, Simone Signoret. Courbevoie (France), 1971. Julien Bouin, a former typographist, and his wife Clemence, who used to perform in a circus, hardly talk to each other in their small house, soon to be demolished. His cat Greffier being the only one he still gives affection to, he becomes the object of Clemence's anger. 1971 classic drama. Excellent Agfa colour print.

CLAUDELLE INGLISH (B/W) £89.99. Diane McBain, Arthur Kennedy. In this tale of good girl who goes very bad, a beautiful young Southern Lady remains faithful to the man she loves while he is away in the military, until she gets a letter that he has fallen in love with another. Excellent print and condition.

CARNIVAL STORY (B/W) £79.99. Anne Baxter, Steve Cochran. An American in Germany sets the scene for sin, sex and melodrama. Very good print and condition.

CLAUDIA (B/W) £79.99. Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young. Child bride Claudia Naughton has made life difficult for her husband David because she can't stand living so far away from her mother. She's also afraid her husband doesn't find her desirable enough. To remedy both situations, she sells their farm to an opera singer so they'll have to move back to the city near her mother, and she tries to make her husband jealous by flirting with a neighbor. Eventually, Claudia has to learn to grow when she discovers that she's about to become a mother and that her own mother is gravely ill. Excellent print and condition.

CLASS OF 44 (Scope) £69.99. 
Gary Grimes, Jerry Houser. Sequel to "Summer of '42" reunites Hermie, Oscy and Benjie as they graduate from high school. Benjie departs shortly to war while Hermie and Oscy go on to college and experience fraternity hazings, cheating on exams, sex scandals and other unsavory college activities. Hermie grows apart from his childhood friend Oscy and begins a relationship with Julie that allows him to settle down into maturity. Eastman print with fair/good colour in very good condition.

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